Insidious chapter 3 (12’’ vinyl) - Bishara Joseph

Etat : Neuf

Vinyle 12" - Sleeve

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A1     The Insidious Flare     
A2     Psychic Visit     
A3     Tell Of Presence     
A4     Upside Down     
A5     Back From Accident     
A6     Standing Right Next To You     
A7     Wheeled Away     
A8     Questions Left Behind     
A9     She Was Waiting     
A10     Those Were Helped     
A11     Follow The Leading     
A12     Possessed Attacker     
B1     Entity In The Dark     
B2     Further Kept Pet     
B3     Stronger, Alive     
B4     Friendly Face     
B5     Face Breathing     
B6     Visit From Light     
B7     She Was There     
B8     Kind Visitor     
B9     Insidious Chapter 3     
B10     Void Figure7 Ch3

  • Label Void recordings
  • Etat Neuf
  • Dimensions 31.5 X 31.5 cm
  • Auteur Bishara Joseph
  • Année 2015